What Our Customers Say...

“Keep Tom! He’s great!” (Seriously, someone wrote this!)

“These seminars helped me better understand a confusing area of law”

“This is the best value I’ve gotten for a seminar/continuing education course in several years. I will highly recommend this seminar to my peers. I’ve learned more in the last three days about Longshore than in the entire last year of self study, fieldwork, and consultation”

“(I) needed basic, got broad education over a short duration course – this (course) did it”

“The best seminar I have been to in 15 years of practicing law”

“The materials are fantastic!”

“Surprisingly, I was able to stay interested the entire day!”

“Great teacher! It takes a special person to teach such material with such a high level of interest, competence, and knowledge of the subject”

“Your extensive experience in this field gave us an understanding of the background and development of this body of law”

“I also appreciate and rely on the periodic Longshore Newsletter to keep up to date with recent developments in this area”

“The “war stories” from the experienced instructor helped tremendously”

“Tom Fitzhugh was very entertaining in addition to being incredibly informative. Enjoyed it immensely.”

“The speaker was entertaining and held my attention throughout. It was very educational and not over my head considering my lack of knowledge on the subject”

“A lot of information, but it was easy to follow and well presented”

“Loved the seminar and learned a lot”

“Excellent speaker and very useful binder of materials for longshore claims”