About The Longshore Institute

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The Longshore Institute continues the work of Robert T. Brahm (1934-1995) in meeting the educational and publication needs of those working with The Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and its extensions. Thomas C. Fitzhugh III, recieved his J.D. (with honors) from the University of Texas. A Houston based maritime attorney with 30 years of experience handling longshore claims, Mr. Fitzhugh, President of The Longshore Institute and the principal seminar presenter, became editor of The Longshore Newsletter in 1996 and supervises the updates of the Longshore Procedure Manual. A Proctor Member of the Maritime Law Association, Mr. Fitzhugh has written and spoken nationally on maritime topics throughout his legal career, and edited International Perspectives in Maritime Security. Mr. Fitzhugh served as General Counsel to the Maritime Security Council, advising shipping companies on maritime security matters, and is currently is an adjunct professor, teaching maritime law, at Texas A&M University.